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    Marco Cazzaro


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    Year of birth
    Via Monte Grappa 119, 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD) - Italy


    Why Snappysnail?

    A snail takes its time to do things, but it's very reliable because it has a strong shell. So I always take the proper pace with the purpose of give my clients a solid piece of software.

    But if something happens, the snail should be quick to change path, in other words it's snappy. Inspired by Agile practices, I promptly react when my client's needs change, providing quick answers, helping my client understand how to obtain their needs fulfilled.

    Tech stuff

    Here is a list of things I usually enjoy.

    Front end
    TailwindCSS | AlpineJS | Livewire | Bootstrap | Jetstream | MaterializeCSS | HTML5 + CSS3 + SCSS/SASS + Javascript | jQuery
    Back end / Full stack
    PHP | Laravel | WordPress | MySQL | SQLite
    Shopify | WooCommerce
    Stack & Deploy
    LAMP | TALL | VPS | AWS | Laravel Forge | SiteGround | Plesk | CPanel
    Dev tools
    Vite | Webpack | Laravel Mix | Grunt | Composer | npm
    Version control
    git | GitHub | BitBucket | Gitlab
    Project Management
    Trello | Slack | Jira | Freshdesk
    Google stuff
    SEO | Analytics | Tag Manager | Ad Manager


    Born in Germany (but I don't speak German, sorry) in 1983. I had my Diploma di Perito Informatico at I.T.I.S. E. Barsanti in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) on 2002.

    Since then I always worked as a programmer, mainly on desktop environment. Then in 2013 I got bored of doing always the same stuff and started learning web development, which in my mind had to be more entertaining due to its dynamic nature, for sure, and I was not disappointed.

    In late 2015 I moved to London, following my wife to be, and I started working for Guru Graphics LTD as a front end developer, since July 2016 when I got hired as a freelance developer by Gooruf LTD, controlled by BFC Media S.p.A. (an Italian publishing company specialised in finance). This is when Snappysnail LTD was born.

    I had mainly 1 customer, BFC Media. With Gooruf project, they wanted to create a community around the financial sector: providers, banks, insurances, experts, and average Janes and Joes, with questions, answers, mini-sites, products, reputation system, and (almost) a cryptocurrency.

    In early 2019 BFC Media wanted me in Milan to be the main developer for all their websites: Forbes.it, Bluerating.com, and many more, so I moved in Italy and started working on all their projects. For instance I created the new WordPress theme for Forbes.it (it's an Easter egg, don't tell anyone!).

    In 2020 I closed Snappysnail LTD because of Brexit, and I switched to Italian, by creating Snappysnail di Marco Cazzaro. Since then I've been working under the hood for many other projects, and hopefully many more to come.

    I am available for working on a project level as a freelance.

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    Why don't you have a look at my portfolio?

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