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  • This website
    This website

    I made this website, with Laravel + Livewire + Jetstream.

  • Forbes.it WordPress theme
    Forbes.it WordPress theme

    In 2021 I created Forbes Italia's WordPress theme, starting from Underscores, adding Bootstrap and customising it furthermore, keeping consistency with the brand.

  • Debora Antonello website
    Debora Antonello's website

    For Debora Antonello, an Italian contemporary artist, I created the whole website with Laravel and Bootstrap, taking care of every aspect, from design to backoffice to SEO.

  • Equos.it WordPress theme
    Equos.it WordPress theme

    In 2022 I created Equos.it WordPress theme, starting from Underscores, and adding Bootstrap.

    The website provides horse races stats from a MySQL custom database, using GraphQL. Users management is made with Memberful. Magazine web reader is made with FlippingBook.

  • Osteopatapiazza.it
    Osteopatapiazza.it WordPress theme

    In 2022 I created Osteopatapiazza.it, starting from Underscores, adding Bootstrap.

  • gooruf.com

    In 2016 I created Gooruf.com, a social network for finance. The project was based in Londod and it was aimed to bring together all the players of the world of finance: financial providers, banks, insurances, brokers, final users. It had all the features of a social network, with a custom reputation system that allowed users to be trusted in the community. Unfortunately the project did not make it and it has been abandoned in 2021.

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